Kāko Chocolate New Zealand

Kāko Chocolate Artisan 12


Taking it to the next level, the Kāko Artisan 12 Collection is a selection of 12 bon-bon style chocolate creations each of which are exceptionally unique and packed full of flavour. These items are the Kāko Chocolate showpieces.  Each chocolate individually commands a loyal following amongst Kāko Chocolate friends and connoisseurs and yet all are equally enjoyed.

The Artisan 12 Collection is proudly handcrafted in New Zealand and is the perfect decadent starting point for your Kāko chocolate adventure or to give as a gift to someone special. Sharing is optional.

12 Exceptional Flavours:  Passionfruit, Peanut Butter, Cool Mine Creme, Vanilla Caramel, Salted Caramel, Gooey Caramel, Gingerbread Cream, Lemon Curd, Dark Raspberry, Golden Orange, Vanilla Bean, Rose Caramel.  Explore.

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