Kāko Chocolate New Zealand

My Chocolate Box


You will receive a chocolate box containing an assortment of 6 gourmet New Zealand handmade chocolate products.

Only products made with the finest ingredients make it into your monthly chocolate box!   While many of our products contain great New Zealand dairy, our entire range is gluten free. Shelf life will vary on products, but many will be 12 months. 

Our pure and delicious chocolate products are all made here in New Zealand. We have caramels, clusters, toffees, chews, bites, barks, bars, tablets, truffles.  The selection of chocolate in My Chocolate Box changes every month.

February 2024: Pavlova Clusters, Strawberry Tablet, Horopito Bites, Peppermint Love Bites, LOVE Bar, Cherry & Almond Bark,

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