Kāko Chocolate New Zealand

With Love - Say it in Chocolate (12)


When it matters most… Say it in Chocolate!

12 beautifully flavored artisan chocolates will sparkle back at you as you try and decide which to taste first. With every flavor created from scratch, each chocolate tells it’s own unique story. Includes a beautifully delicious “Love You” Chocolate message bar. This is top shelf chocolate at its finest.

12 Exceptional Flavours:  Passionfruit, Peanut Butter, Cool Mine Creme, Vanilla Caramel, Salted Caramel, Gooey Caramel, Gingerbread Cream, Lemon Curd, Dark Raspberry, Golden Orange, Vanilla Bean, Rose Caramel.  Explore.

Please note: some of the chocolates in this box have a 6 week shelf life

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